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After work I__________usually very tired.
Ah! That_____Aunt Augusta. Only relatives, or creditors, ever ring in that manner.
At midnight I______by a knock at the door.
Before I go I insist________the question I put to you some time ago.
Diana_______on her Ph.D. for the next five years.
Dont worry, I__________the phone.
Father______very angry now. Lets wait a bit and then try to speak to him.
Finally it was decided that they______to the gate and wait there.
Hardly had we walked a few paces along the seashore when they_____a boat.
He began to describe the hotel where he_______some time before.
He told his parents that he _______on a profession; he wanted to be a doctor.
He________her after work every evening.
Holmes left the table but by a signal he indicated to me understood that he_______back.
I dont know if Mr. Holmes_____________time to see you tomorrow.
I knew he____punctual about his engagements before.
I must say that I think it is high time that Mr. Bundury______his mind.
I saw Dr. Chasuble______through the garden.
I stayed until dark, until the moon____________.
I think you had better_____till Dad arrives.
I think you_____me a hint about what to do in these circumstances. Why havent you told me anything about it?
I was told that at that moment Mrs. Sharp_________by the Inspector.
I wasnt sure if Jack_____________his parents about his intentions.
I wish I_____some sleeping.
I wish Uncle Jack______his brother to come down here sometimes.
I____________I can help you to settle the matter.
I______________better now.
I_____________something burning.
I_____________you well. Dont shout. I am not deaf.
I__________typing the report by 5 p.m.
I_______believe his account of the accident.
I_______the yard when he came up to the door.
If anything______to be discovered have no fear they will discover it.
It was not quite what he_________.
Lane, have you got the cucumber sandwiches______for lady Blackwell?
Lets hurry! Theres only fifteen minutes left. The performance__________ar seven sharp.
Look at those dark clouds. It__________________
Mr. Worthing is sure______back soon.
My dear Alga, you talk exactly as if you______a dentist. It is vulgar to talk like a dentist if one isnt a dentist.
No sooner____he________us.
Oh, I am pleased______you are back.
She could see that the lilac________________________to sprout.
She felt that something thrilling______to her soon.
She looks____of her own shadow.
She was told that the seats________already.
She______to the Oak-Tree House every summer when Aunt Polly was alive but it was long, long ago.
Stampton said he knew the man, Sherlock Holmes by name, who____________to find someone to share the rooms and the expenses.
The boat was due to come at eleven, but it was now one oclock and it _____________.
The cake_______delicious.
The doctors wife was engaging them with the talk about the film she-_____with her husband a few days before.
There is nothing______your alibi.
There was no reason why the work_______started at once.
They must______their advertising campaign already. I saw a couple of posters in the center of the city.
They went off in a hurry for they feared that they________late.
To her utter amazement a big jar of roses___________into the parlor.
To my surprise the old_______almond-tree has blossomed.
Uncle said he_______back till Monday afternoon.
We supposed that the product______into the market by the end of July.
We were informed that the conference_______for the next two days.
We______how to help you.
We____at our project for another two months.
When we arrived the whole place was wet from the rain which________trough the night.
Where _____since last Thursday?
Would you mind_____a bit? The car is due to arrive in ten minutes.
_____by the setting sun, they had their first glimpse of the island.
You may take a seat, Mr. Wirthing. Thank you, Lady Blackwell, I prefer______.