Bob is _________________________in the class.
He ____________________lives in the house where he was born.
He arrived late _____________________was annoying.
He was left alone, with ________________to look after him.
Hello, Janice! Tell me what _______________here today.
Hell _____________his nervousness once he is on stage.
I ________________ her on the platform.
I _________________________my briefcase on the table.
I ___________________an answer to my letter within a few days.
I caught a ___________of the car before it disappeared.
I dont know whether I __________________or not.
I put the milk ____________________back in the fridge.
It gave me a strange feeling to see my name ______________.
It is five months ______________to our new house.
Kim and Lynn were not the only people there. There _________.
Next year ____________________to Canada.
She chose some very pretty ____________paper for the present.
She made it _______________that she didnt approve by throwing something at me.
Take ___________________scissors and cut the cloth.
The ___________________outside the house said Private.
They have put the bird in a cage to _______________from flying away.
We had ______________hard time trying to persuade him.
When __________________the university?
Youd better add it up. I am not good at ___________________.
Where are my jeans? You _______________yesterday.