... Thursday today?
... a swimming-pool near here?
... many museums in this old town.
... near here?
... snows a lot there in winter.
... you go to school yesterday? No, I was ill.
A mouse is ... animal.
Are you ?
Bobby Mickey Mouse yesterday.
Can you speak English? Yes, .
Cats eat ... .
Could you look it?
Do you have ... friends?
Do you know this hotel? ... good?
Do you like it?
Do you like opera? I admire ... !
Do you need ... money?
He has a very bad memory. He remembers ... .
He is .
He is .
He is there.
He reminds me someone.
He .
He's always jokes.
Helen! Look at ... in the mirror!
How many cousins you got?
How often ... your hair?
How you do?
How does it take you to drive to London?
I speak English.
I ... hot weather.
I ... very much.
I always money.
I cut ... yesterday. It still hurts.
I like ... picture on the wall.
I like to listen to the music ... the evening.
I live Brisbane.
I made last month.
I never travel boat.
I saw her .
I speak English but I ... understand very much.
I think its an building.
I usually drink ... coffee.
I want to go ... Italy next year.
I will have a with the boss.
I won't go there if it tomorrow.
I English.
I this test.
I to him on the phone.
I the BBC.
Is Mary at home? No, she ... out ten minutes ago.
Is your car Peter's?
Its very today in Paris
Jane ... got very long hair.
John ... the university last year.
Kevin the guitar.
Mary ... like this film. She doesnt like horror films.
Moscow is not as ... as Kiev.
My name is Laura.
My grandfather born in 1926.
Our flat is not very big. We need a ... one.
Peter doesn't like it.
Peter watching TV.
The ice-cream is in the .
The more I listen to the music, the ... I understand it.
The pencil in the bag.
Their daughter is with .
Their house is just ... the sea.
There arent ... shops in the street.
These books are .
These are from England.
They dont often ... dinner at home. They prefer to eat out.
They have many ... .
This glass is dirty. Can I have a clean ... ?
This is ... grandmother.
This is not ... bag.
This is the ... interesting book Ive ever read.
Tom ... his work at 6.
We ... in Paris last summer.
We have got milk in the fridge.
We need orange juice.
We Japanese.
What do you say at 9 a.m.?
What is the name of ... hotel we stayed at last time?
Where is Bob? - ... London, on holiday.
Where is Mary? In ... bedroom.
Where they work?
Who are those women? I dont know ... .
You can buy aspirin at a .
Your brother is ... intelligent student in our group.
TV last night?
Adam a shower now?
a large hamburger, please?
children are they?
did you receive this letter?
do you mean?
early in the morning?
is speaking?
shoes are very cheap.
were you talking to?